Okay so ZWIFT support via Facebook Messanger say that there is an issue with SE Asia server and try using a VPN, so yep I do and it works and thanks for the support. Questions then:
Why is it not on the ZWIFT status page?
What is the timeline for the fix?
What countries are locked out?
If it is SE Asia then why am I the only one who seems to be asking?
Do users get an extension to their subscription for down time?
For the record ZWIFT just hangs at log in and says no roads to ride. If I didn’t happen to have a VPN then I would be riding TACX. Not prepared to use a VPN forever. Many thanks for any information.

It’s not a Zwift issue, it’s a routing issue with your ISP.
Ask your ISP how long until they have it resolved.

I dont think this is a ISP issue, as i have had several friends also not be able to log in this am, from different ISP’s, all

I was trying not to get too technical, but I give a little. Most ISP share backbone and the issue could be some routing on one of the routers or a DNS issue. The same type of issue happened to Germany not too long ago.

Great - well the ISP said there is nothing wrong with their service, so unless i have some way of telling them the issue, i guess i cant do anything

Germans had the same issue for about a week, a VPN will get you by.

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Hi Paul, thanks for your input and I appreciate it.

ZWIFT doesn’t come with a VPN though and I pay a subscription for mine, so should I expect a response to my questions on this forum from ZWIFT or is this just a community.

Hi Craig, looked at this thread Unable to login with correct credentials so I thought clearing my cache might be worth a try and now ZWIFT works fine. Try clearing cache if you have not gone down this road already, may as well give it a go when there are no ZWIFT roads to go down :slight_smile:

Not sure what you want Zwift to do about a routing issue with your ISP. They gave you a very good suggestion that works (use a VPN), I don’t see what more then can do for you.

Again, Germany had the same issue for about a week, the ISP was not routing correctly to Zwift.

Well I guess if the software requires a VPN to work then they should build a VPN into the software! Anyway, I am a complete noob with ZWIFT just testing the water with a few platforms and weighing up time spent with trouble shooting vs time spent on trainer. Very happy with Neo 2 and like the way it is not tied to TACX and can use ZWIFT or whatever. Thanks again for input Paul.