China - login issue "no roads to ride"

Just want to check with the community whether anyone has solved the login problems? I know many users can either not login, or get the “no roads to ride” error.

I was able to Zwift yesterday and today, but the last two hours I have been unable to login. I’ve set up port forwarding, and tried with and without various VPN’s. But the “no roads to ride” error is very persistent.

And maybe an aside question, I know the answer often is that it’s the fault of the ISP’s for blocking some of the ports that Zwift uses because they are not commonly used for internet traffic.

But then perhaps Zwift should be using some more commonly used ports?

For anyone who has the same issue and finds my post, for some reason VPN servers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and others in Asia do not work for me, but I could login through VPN servers in Germany and New York.

Using a online game connector in China for this issue. you can find it in jiasu. qq .com
We Chinese Zwifters using our luck or the connector above to play zwift in China.