"No roads to ride"

I repeatedly get an error message when trying to log in: “Logged in but there are no roads to ride. Please check your internet connection, and try again in a few minutes.”

This happens both on my android phone and the Zwift app on my Mac. Today I couldn’t ride. Last time it took the best part of an hour before I could log in and ride. No response from support. My internet is fine.

This is happening very frequently. I’ve had to move to the Tacx app to train as it actually works. But I’ve signed up for some virtual challenges with a riding group and they use Zwift. I just don’t want to waste any more money on Zwift, just for it not to work. I like zwift and the features, when it works, but that’s increasingly rarely and I’m sick of non existent support. Any suggestions before I just find another trainer app?

There are 22 other results for “no roads to ride” have you looked at them?

The first one I’ve looked at someone suggested a VPN could likely help with the issue.

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Hello Iain,
Sorry about this, it’s frustrating for sure.
We’ve seen this issue before, and the cause seems to be the internet service provider somehow blocking access to our servers.
Most recently it was Telekom, affecting German users, a few months back.

What is your internet service provider?

We almost never see this issue with our US customers, nor have we been able to reproduce it.

Our support group is working literally round the clock dealing with very high volume, so wait times have increased, but we are doing our best.

Sorry again, and thanks for the report.

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