Zwift won't let me ride (Zwift is investigating)

Zwift won’t let me ride, a message appears at log-in saying I’ve logged in but there are no roads to ride, help

This sounds like an internet issue on your end. You could try restarting you router and modem to see if that resolves the issue. However, the issue could be with your ISP.

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I have the same problem. Internet connection is ok. My friend has the same problem. I think it is Zwift problem…

Thanks, Vid, is this happening right now?

I’m not seeing any issues right now on Zwift:

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yes same problem here, presumably a server overload

Same here. Internet connection fine. Occurs on phone, and desktop.

Hold on, there does seem to be an issue on Zwift’s end, I cannot see any data on ZCA.

Same problem here - internet connection is OK

Yep, there is an issue right now:

Issue is being reported

Logged in, but no roads to ride. Same story

Same here,defo not my internet connection, zwift just sits their,then states that all road are busy, try again later.

Ok, it seems people are missing what I posted so let’s make it bigger:

Same here…

Hey Paul, thats great, how would we have found this table ourselves,think its a shame Zwift is not able to notify user there a problem especial one that stops us logging on, instead the system just hangs.
Is their indication of how long before its resolved.

That table is right here:

How would you like Zwift to contact the users when there is a logon issue (or other issue)?

The ZCA would be a good choice, but if there are issues then that would not work.

Social media (Facebook or Twitter)could be a good choice, but not everyone uses it.

Email is a good option, but there can be issues sending notifications to that many users at once.

I am just asking a question so maybe I can send it up the chain.

Must be related… Intermittent “Zwift server under maintenance” in the companion app on iOS and the HOME screen won’t load although all the others seem ok (eg activities).

Seems to be working for me now :slight_smile:

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