Logged in but there are no roads?

I have been using Zwift for many years , but today when I tried to ride I am being given the following message “ Logged in but there are no roads to ride . Pls check your internet connection and try again in a few minutes “

My internet connection is perfect, not sure how to remedy the situation ?

Exactly the same for me tonight… tried on multiple devices, tried resetting internet connection and password etc. Help please

This is a problem with your ISP, I just logged in no problem. Zwift is up and running fine.

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Got the same issue.

I had done the following:
Restarted my laptop/shutdown
Restarted modem/router
uninstall and reinstall.

Happened to me for few days already.

Currently in Windows10

So are you saying the ISP could have routing issues with zwift or be banned? Got a good strong internet connection with upload and download.

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A similar this happen to everyone in Germany for a short time. A VPN will resolve the issue.

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Is it working now?

still same.
It has been few days.
My internet im using LAN CABLE connected to laptop and last checked speedtest was 90MBPS

i am also having the same trouble using ISP TOT in Thailand. if i hotspot through my mobile phone, connects with no problem.

I have just deleted my initial installation and re installed the software and it is now working again.

Good luck

so next day, issue resolved itself without doing anything. i guess it was an ISP/DNS thing that they sorted out

Yes same thing for me. 70 Mbps up and down but wont log in. I am in Vietnam and had no issues before but for last 3 days I can not get on at all. Will try the uninstall and reinstall idea as tried everything else listed here.