Hardwired & companion app

I have a hardwired connection and as a result can not seem to get the app to work in game. I’ve tried airplane mode, turning of wifi, deleted and reinstalled the app. Any suggestions?


Hi @JUSTIN_ROGERS, they need to be on the same network to communicate. I assume your wifi is the same network as your hardwired connection. I’ve seen others post that this works without issue.

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Yes, same network.

Are they getting IP addresses on the same subnet (for example: and What IP Address are your devices getting?

The Zwift App and Zwift Companion App can be on different subnets and can still communicate, but there needs to be a route and rules in place to allow this. Sometimes routers isolate Wi-Fi clients depending on how they are configured.

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TL;DR: sometimes mesh setups are a bugger.

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