No maps on companion app

I can’t seem to get maps back. Tried reloading, log out, the lot. Can’t “Ride on”

  • Is this something new?
  • What platform your ZC is running on?

Your ZC device (phone?) needs to be on the same network as your Zwift client device. If it’s an iPhone, turn off Wifi Assist to stop it switching to cellular data (since if it’s on data then it won’t connect properly to your Zwift session).

Thanks, it is. Baffled…


Matthew Lewis

Errrr… Windows, Android. Nothing new!!!


Matthew Lewis

check that your phone is not using the sim data, it should only use wifi. also it need to be on the same wifi 2.4ghz or 5ghz.

Also check your IP adress of both pc and phone, they should be close to each other.



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Hi @Matthew_Lewis welcome to Zwift forums.

Is there a VPN running on your smartphone or laptop? If so, they will not “see” each other on the same network.

More information on other issues with the Companion app are on our Support Hub. Hope these tips help!

The only requirement am aware of is that Zwift and ZC are on the same subnet.

Older Androids do have an issue where only the route is displayed, less the background map, but as long as ZC enters the “Game” tab, your’ game (sorry the pun…)

If the “Game” tab is unavailable, it would seem as if you (somehow) managed to end up on a different subnet, or not being able to connect for some reason (I usually switch off the phone’s WiFi, wait a bit, and turn it on; It does do the trick - sometimes. Other times I have to restart the phone… )

You could also verify your phone’s IP address belongs to the same subnet your PC is on, but this is a bit technical (Just let me know if you are interested…)

Good luck!

That’s not correct, they can be on different subnets.

Hmm… sorry, care to explain?

My (interpretation based on) experience is they should be on the same broadcast domain.

I have had the Zwift App on 192.168.168.x (wired) and the Zwift Companion App on 10.0.4.x (wireless) and I had no issues connecting. That would be 2 different subnets.

Even saying they need to be on the same router is not true either.

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Such configuration for a working ZC setup is new to me… must see with my own eyes… :confused:

I wonder how would ZC find/communicate with Zwift/PC :thinking:


It’s just that the ZC app and the Zwift client app have to be able to see each other and communicate. So your exact networking setup will determine whether that’s just one subnet, multiple subnets,. or whatever.

But for sure, one device on your home LAN and another on a cellular network won’t be able to talk to each other.