Zwift companion flipping between opening page and map during rides

My Zwift companion flips in and out of the map on slow irregular intervals during rides. Does anyone experience the same or know what triggers it ?

Hard to be sure without more information, but it sounds like whatever device you’re using for ZC is going on and off the network of the device on which you’re running Zwift. Are you using ZC on a phone? If so, you may want to turn off celluar data while using ZC, as sometimes the wireless network and cellular network compete for the signal. You might also try setting your wireless router to a fixed channel, if presently set to ‘find the best channel’.

If you provide more information about your setup some of the more experienced folks on the forum might be able to provide some other potential fixes.

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Hi. Zwifting on an Apple TV and running Companion on an iPhone. Wireless network pretty strong. Will try switching cellular data and see what happens

You would turn off cell data so it would only use your WiFi.