Companion app not showing map on group ride

I have been using Zwift for about a year but have recently upgraded to AppleTV and using my companion app on my phone. During group rides, my companion app cycles between the invite, map, the home screen without touching it. Even if I am sending a text (through companion) it will kick me out and go to the home page.

The attached pic shows what was being displayed on the app during the group ride.

Someone suggested that I make sure the AppleTV and the phone running my app is on the same network. I do use 2 different networks through Comcast. Any confirmation would be great.

“To use the ZC app, both the device that’s running Zwift (whether PC, Mac, iOS, or Apple TV) and the mobile device running ZC need to be on the same (WiFi) network and SSID (2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz) channel”

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