Make race/event distances a mandatory field

I like to do the occasional race. I like to do this as part of my training plan, i.e. I substitute a threshold workout for a race. However, using the app, I often struggle to find a suitable race, with it taking way longer than it should.

All I need to know is the distance, so I can find something suitable. Plenty of races do have this info, but just as many will say 5 laps of …, which given the amount of routes now is not that helpful.

So, why not add a mandatory field (or range) for distance that people posting events need to fill out.

Make sure you vote up the existing ones also, here is a quick search:

And in the mean time you can use this site

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Also less flat races!! Richmond flat, london flat, watopia flat, volcano flat, it’s like folks don’t like going up hill for more than a minute.


You just wait til they release Watopia Super Duper Flat in a few weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha oh no!! Just a surrey hills loop a couple times a week between 5-7 am MST/PDT would be good enough for me! Those 5 minute climbs/VO2 max efforts do a lot to build fitness and I can always seem to push deeper in a race.