Race descriptions

On some races there are serious lack of information before joining. I think some crucial information should be must have for organizers. Some mention it in description, some don’t. I think below details should be necessarily mentioned on description.

-Distance, elevation map (Just like the one we have on Zwiftpower. If there are climbs or descents, we should know where they are so we can plan our strategy)
-Do powerups allowed? If so, which? How many times we will obtain powerups and at what kilometers? (Powerup obtaining points can be mentioned on distance, elevation map)

I hate to kick Zwift as it seems the default position of many, but surely most, if not all of the details, could be automatically generated from the options selected by the race organizer when setting up the race, and then appended to any manual description they enter.

We could/should do more by showing the detail on the website / companion app.

We know the setup of the event - we should show this.

It’s the bespoke scoring systems in ZP that the organisers need to make available to the Zwifter in the description - it is daft they should have to include the route when we already have that data.