Zwift event descriptions in Zwift

This is a feature that I think most people would agree on is a verry good feature. It is to bring the event descriptions into Zwift so when you move your mouse over the event the eventdescription would show up.

Here is a picture of how it could look. Just a mockup picture but I think you get the picture of how it would look. There could also be a “Accept/Decline” button at the bottom of the description so that people would have to read and accept the terms of the ride.



Not only is this a good idea… but can it also be made mandatory? It would at least force new folks to skim it before jumping blindly into a group ride thinking it is a race. Or remind them that a TT bike might be required for a TT?  

Good idea Martin !!

Tumbs up

Good idea

yes, especially to indicate clearly if power-up is allowed or not (race)

Mostly yes to this.  However as to the TT bike required or power up allowed comments, those should be available as options to the event organizer, where if selected, is not a choice for the participant.  As in, if I join an event where a TT bike is required, it puts me on a TT bike, which is far better than reminding me that I should switch.  Same with power ups.  Perhaps remind me they aren’t allowed, but more importantly, turn them off for people joining an event where the organizer has determined they are not allowed.