In Game ADVERTS for ZEM Events

(K.C. Race3R) #1

With so many Zwifters confused about or afraid to join Zwift Event Module (ZEM) events, I think it would be a good idea if an IN GAME advert popped up that most active (those non structured workout, non ZEM already) Zwifters would see that says CLICK HERE to join xxx ZEM Event that Starts in 15 mins from now. The advert could also have a button to click for the description of the event. In this way more Zwifters who have not looked at or used the Events tab can have easy access to ZEM events that are such great social, training, and race events. Thanks for considering it. It could also be a toggle-able choice to disable these popups. Thx. #zwiftΔriding #rideon

(Stef Levolger) #2

Unwanted popups are a nuisance. In a paid service, uncalled for. I do understand that it’s related to the game itself in this case. But it’s an unwanted distraction.


If anything, I’d suggest an opt-in approach for something like this. Not an opt-out approach.


In the end though, I don’t think that it’ll make too much of a difference. Personally, I don’t think the reason many Zwifters are reluctant to join Zwift events is due to them being confused or afraid. But rather I think the events available at the time simply don’t meet up with the expectation the rider has at the time.

For example, logging in right now I’d have to wait 113 minutes for the next event to start. This waiting game along does not fulfill my current needs.

Secondly, the event is poorly defined. Within the title it mentions “Race”, it labels itself with the A flag. But wattage is set to 0 - 0 w/kg and the descriptions asks us to add “ZTR ©” to our nick. So what’s going on here? Is this an A cat race or a C cat race? Furthermore, the description states “8 lap (5.5km per lap) race on the London Classique course”, whereas the route states “Route:London Loop” and the lapcount states “3 LAPS”.


So not only do I have to wait nearly 2 hours for joining this event. I also have no clue on as to whether this is an A or C cat ride. Nor do I have any clue on as to whether this is a 3 lap london loop or 8 lap london classique ride.


This must be a fluke right you say? But no, the descriptions in other events also tend to be vague at best. Tonight ZA Workout 2w/kg, 30km london loop, approx 1-1.15 hr ride. However, set speed is rated at 32-37 kph. For double london loop at 32 - 37 kph it’s quite clear that 2w/kg simply isn’t going to work. Riding 32 kph on london loop equates to 2.85 w/kg for me, at 34 kph I’m already exceeding 3.3 w/kg. Heck, even to finish the double loop in a 1 hr ride it’s a 2.6 w/kg ride.


So in the end, the given values in the event are complete bogus. So what exactly would I be joining? I could join and expect a 35 kph ride at roughly 3.5 w/kg as is in the description. But I could also join to expect a 2w/kg ride as it’s in the description.


I’m not joining the event because I am confused on as to how events work or afraid to join. I’m not joining because the frequency of events does not match up with my desire to ride and because at many occasions event managers are confused when it comes to organizing these things. Heck, even been to events where the ride leader didn’t even bother to show up. The wait for that quickly turns out to have been a waste of time.


The only thing I can advise is that if event managers want to make a good and enjoyable ride for all those joining, start with working on improving the quality of the invitations. As there’s nothing more annoying then waiting to join an event with certain expectations, but only to be let down because it’s yet another ride torn apart due to a variety of speed differences pulled into the event.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

Similar for myself. I ride some weekday mornings and Sunday mornings, but the entire time the event module has been active I’ve never done a group ride. Not that I don’t want to, but there’s never a ride that’s even anywhere close to being at a reasonable time for me - they all seem to be clustered towards the evenings - and there does seem to be a predilection for them to be fast paced - I’m not talking pro level but it does seem that those who aren’t as least serious amateur racers are not welcome in Zwift group rides.