Unable to join events [January 2022]

Anyone know why I was unable to join the TdZ ride at 8pm this evening? I was at the spawn point and loads of people were chatting saying they weren’t getting an invite.

Hi @Bobert

If you are waiting and don’t see the join event 30 minutes before the event then you need to go into the Companion app and unselect the ride and re select it.

This an be caused if you sigh up for a event in the pairing or Zwift main menu.

Also in the main menu make sure you see your event in the op right corner.

Yes I did that many times…leave and rejoin on my phone. I originally joined in the companion app a few hours before. I even restarted my Apple TV and phone.

I didn’t even see the event though in the top right of the menu on the TV.

Did you see the event in the Companion app marked as going.

Can it be that you sighed up for a later event?

Yes I saw the green tick in the app. It said I had 2min before the start and yet nothing. I’ve done this like a 1000 times before.

I’m currently with Coco Cadence and quite a few people joined that because they didn’t get the pop up too. I tried a few other events and nothing.

It’s because Zwift’s servers had a meltdown, probably a combination of Tour de Zwift and ZRL. Many ZRL races were a wash-out because no-one could get into the start pens.

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Is this a common occurrence? Sounds like zwift need to get better servers if so.

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Hi everyone, we’re actively investigating this issue and will provide updates as we have them.

Following up here - we have a temporary fix in place that should help prevent this issue from occurring. We will be working on a permanent fix also.

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UPDATE: we wanted to follow up on yesterday’s issues on this thread. We investigated and took measures so it won’t happen again.

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It seems to be happening again. Lots of riders this morning saying they could not get into their event.

Definitely not the same issue, but thanks for flagging and our team are looking.