Trouble joining TdZ Stage 1 - First timer!

Good morning everyone. I’m new to Zwift in the last two weeks. Yesterday I was registered to ride in stage 1 of the TdZ at 8 PM. I was set up and ready to go in the lobby 5 minutes ahead of time. I could see my registered event in the top corner and watched it count down from “Event starting in 2 minutes…”, “Event starting in 59, 58, 57, 56 seconds…” and then “Your event has started.” But nothing happened.

As I mentioned, I’m new to this. Clearly there’s a step I’m missing. What do I need to do to actually JOIN the riders on the stage? I figured once the countdown ended my Zwift game app would automatically load the ride. Clearly I was wrong :rofl: I was sad to have missed it because it was the only Stage 1 time I would be able to attend and now I won’t get credit for that stage. Boo.

Anyway, what am I missing? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Ryan_Churchward, welcome to the forums.

Zwift isn’t very intuitive, you have to enter one of the worlds, doesn’t matter which one, and be on the road riding for the “Join Event” button to appear. I would also suggest using the companion app to sign up for the events rather than the website or the in game event menu (top right of screen where you select the world and route).

There will be a make up week at the end of the tour so you can get stage 1 done if you miss it this week.

Have fun!

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Thank you so much for your help. I’m very glad to hear about the make-up week. I’m also glad to hear that there’s a fairly simple solution to this issue of mine. I appreciate you!