Anyone else have issues with Stage 1 not starting ?
I’d selected B at 5pm AEST, but it didn’t kick in & transfer me to the event.

Hi @Tony_A1 you need to be riding somewhere for the Join Event prompt to appear.

Sign up for the event (best done with the Companion app on your phone) and then log into Zwift. After pairing your sensors, on the main route selection screen pick any route/world - it doesn’t matter which, but probably avoid Ven-Top or Road to Sky :wink: - and then hit Ride at the bottom. You’ll then be in that world, and riding along. From there you should see the ‘Join Event’ button at the bottom left of your screen up to 30mins before the event starts. Click/press it to go to the start line, or just wait and about four minutes before the event time you’ll be taken there automatically unless you cancel.

Hi Gerrie, thanks for reply. Yep, i know how it works as i’ve completed other events in the past. Its always worked for me previously but, this time it didn’t kick in and prompt to switch to the event. Not sure if this is a bug or not? Thanks.