Can't join Tour de Zwift


Tried to join the Tour de Zwift Stage 3 event at 5pm EST yesterday. RSVP’ed probably 10-15 minutes ahead of time. Started a free ride. Didn’t get any sort of notification about the event start. Closed Zwift, made sure it was up to date, tried to join again. When I clicked ‘join’, I would just get a spinning loading icon that never went away.

Did I do something wrong? I didn’t have any trouble joining Stage 2, and even joined like 15 minutes late.

No Join option for Tour de Zwift stage
(Vincent) #2

Sorry to hear that Derek! We’ve been having a few issues with the Tour de Zwift as you can imagine. If you have trouble getting in the next event please contact our support team immediately. They’ll help you out as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Support Conversation:

(Evan Brighton) #3

Having same problem joining TDZ Stage 4.

Had no problems with joining earlier stages

Seems like a few others on the Companion Chat having the same problem

What is the problem - too many riders for this event?

Will try again later

(Peer Schmidt (B)) #4

yes. same problem here. tried about 10 times to join but i stayed at freeriding without getting any button to let me join the race :frowning:

(Amando Mendoza Iii) #6

I tried joining Stage 4 at 9AM Pacific and it told me it was going to start but it never took me to the stage. I tried joining it manually but it would not let me do that either.

I tried again at 10AM Pacific - it said “Going” but again, it doesn’t start for me.

Frustrating as I am traveling and this is the only time I have to do Stage 4.


(Alan) #7

I had the same issue this morning 10 AM EST trying to join stage 4 of Tour de Zwift. Actually i was signed up but there was no “time left until event” timer in lower left of screen. So I rebooted everything including the PC and then it just kept spinning when I tried to join. It’s hard enough to finagle my schedule to do all 9 stages but nearly impossible when I’m not able to ride a stage as planned. Very frustrating!! I realize zwift’s getting hit hard and is a product of its own success. Now that I think of it I’ve really had no other real issues up till now except for a couple drops out which I tend to blame with things on my end. So maybe I’ve just been lucky? Or is it spoiled…

(Ryan Taylor) #8

I wasn’t even able to join Stage 4. Signed up for time “X” and the app crashed before the start, couldn’t even get to the stationary trainer screen. By the time I got it connected I was already 4km behind, so I quit and signed up for the next hours ride. For the next one I was fine warming up, but then it crashed again right after the start. Couldn’t even get connected after about 10 attempts, so I’m not even bothering anymore. The app crashed after start on Stage 3 too, but I was able to get back in after a few minutes. Although I lost my HR connection and couldn’t get it re-connected. Really disappointing cause Stage 2 (my first stage) worked fine and was fun, but I’m not going to keep wasting my time and get frustrated. Maybe they’ll work out the bugs for next year.

(Shaun Elphick 1965) #9

I left work early to start stage 4 at 1500 UK time today. On logging in I did not have a join event option, exited Zwift looked back in still no option to join.

Come on Zwift what is going on here ?? I have seen several posts from other people who have experienced problems joining events.

(Mike Sherwood) #10

Same problem as above. Logged on to ride the 1200 EDT stage 4 event prior to start but could not join. Logged off and back on several times but could not late join that event or any other event. This is not the first time that this has happened

(De Nacho) #11

ok sorry for our troubles but glad i am not alone. same here. signed up for 1500 ride and no option to join. i dont have time for a different time slot. this absolutely sucks! and no support listening in it appears

(Matthew Rollinson [DIRT]) #12

Same here, joined stage 4 on desktop app. Started free ride 10mins before and never got call to start. This happened on stage 2 for me and others also.

It’s hard to find a space in my day to squeeze these in, and disappointing when you’re all pumped up and then no race :frowning:

Zwift on insta said it’s recommended to use CA app, I never knew this?! Is the CA more stable way of joining an event?!

(Jay Batson CCB) #13

Same problem, Stage 5 (b) 11am EST.

Used the companion app to join event (via the events tab under “more”) at 10:45. Was dropped into NYC (not Richmond warmup). Never offered the prompt to join the event. Rode until 5 minutes after posted event start time. Exited.

Will try again at noon, starting Zwift about 5 minutes before event, in an effort to trigger an immediate prompt to join the event.


Is Zwift considering adding additional makeup days due to these technical issues? I already have 2 days I have to makeup because of technical issues. Hopefully I don’t have any more.

(Vincent) #15

We do have makeup days after Stage 9 as pointed out on our official Tour de Zwift page:

They will be February 2nd and 3rd. :ride_on:

(SteveK @Cycleoptic ICC) #16

same here, warming up at 15.45 in the default NY, 16.00 Richmond event selected in companion, which was connected, showing data map etc.
never got a join to the TDZ event, aborted at 15.58, restarted and joined event late.

(SteveK @Cycleoptic ICC) #17

the question was for “additional” makeup days, extra to those two.

(Vincent) #18

My mistake, no word about additional days other than the original makeup days. I’ll keep everyone updated if there are any changes. :ride_on:

(Gil Bodov) #19

The software just cant handle the load… in the past few weeks, from when they started the tour, i cant login, or it get stuck, or i get thown out, or i cant save my rides…and we pay money for it!

(Valerio Corniglia [Bdc]9999) #20

same problem also for me, joined event with companion, put in calendar to remember it, logged in 15’ before event starting but no button on screen to bring me to the start.

(James Sager) #21

Count me as another frustrated TDZ’er. Signed up for a stage this morning about 20 minutes before start. Showed as “going”, but never given the option during short free ride. Will try again for the next group. Also, had to abort an earlier stage about a week ago due to internet issues that morning. Was unable to join a later stage during the day. Pretty bummed - especially if issues crop up during makeup days.