Unable to join stage 4 of TDZ

(Tim Camden (B)) #1

I tried to join 2 PM and 3 PM ride but could not.

(Kyrian Willis) #2

I had the same problem yesterday. I set aside the time to make this but was not able to join the ride.

(... Vert de FERK) #3

Here here…same issues! Time to upgrade the

(Denny Bohmer) #4

Also unable to join.
Signed up 2 hours in advance, logged in 20 minutes before and warmed up.
No prompt 5 mins before start so I restarted zwift, tried again, and… nothing.
Event started with no way for me to join.
So now I’m sitting around, sweaty, waiting another 2 hours for the next timeslot.
Definitely disappointed by this.

(Tim Camden (B)) #5

OK, I was able to get in the 4 PM race.
I may have been premature in blaming Zwift for my inability to get in 2 races.
I did not have my glasses on and I thought the races went every hour.
It appears that they are every 2 hours.
So , I didn’t get in the 2 PM race, I was going to just barely get in on time or possibly even start late and could not - that is frustrating, so I signed up for the next race and assumed it was a 3 PM start.

I think there might not have been a 3 PM race but I did get in the 4 PM race.

I guess I need to wear my glasses more (over 50 changes a few things).

My bad, Zwift is GREAT!!

(John Robinson) #6

I joined the 3:00 and hit ride. But, it didn’t join the stage. So, I exited and tried again for the 7:00. Same problem. Joined, ride, and started pedaling but it didn’t show TdZ jersey and didn’t follow event. What’s it take to join a TdZ event?

(Robie Argabio 🇵🇭) #7

Hi same experienced and the worst I tried 3x last 12Jan’19 another 3x 13Jan’19 for TDZ 4 event but am still can not joint. Much more I tried regular race/events and still not be able to join.
Not Happy!

(Vonita Corredora) #8

Me and my boyfriend signed up for the 4 PM event! We had lots of problems… several times disconnected, joined the event and zwift tryed to find players and I was stucked in the start line and I was unable to start pedalling. After 17 minuts zwift leted me start pedalling! And I was able to finish the stage! My boyfriend had the same problem, but for more than 30 min he was disconnected and at certain moment, was unable to join the event anymore!! He had to sign up for yhe 5 PM event and did it without problems…

(James Mc Kenzie) #9

I was unable to join the stage on Friday but was able to join the stage on Saturday. However, about half way through the ride I noticed there suddenly were no other riders. I completed the stage and was notified on screen that I had successfully completed the event. Zwift prompted me to save my ride to Strava - which I did. Later I noticed that the ride didn’t get uploaded to Strava and when I checked my Zwift account it only credited me for half the distance of the stage. So I rode the entire stage and did not receive credit for it with Zwift. Very disappointed as I was basing my entire base building period this month around the Tour de Zwift and now best case scenario is that I have to re-ride stage 4 on the makeup days to complete the tour. :frowning: