Join one minute before event start, PLEASE ADD!

Dang, been a user for 4 years and still this whole join event thing is a mess. Just put a simple user selectable “Join ___ minutes before start”. And make sure that “1” is an option. I don’t want to be on the starting line trying to stay warmed up. This is Zwift, not the real world. I want to be engaged while warming up, right up to the start of the race. And I am certain I’m not only not alone in this, but in an overwhelming majority were you to do a poll. Can I get a hell yea?

Can’t you already decide to join the start pen just before the event is due to start?

Does the “join early” hack still work? You could join the event as soon as it became available (30 minutes before the start IIRC), and get a place on the start line. Then leave the event and re-join just before it starts, getting put in your previous spot at the front of the pack.

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it does…

That’s a hack? I thought that was a feature…

Zwift usually keeps forcing me to join an event every 2 minutes once we enter the 10 minutes remaining; is that not enough OP? A few times prior to 10 minutes as well (15, 20, etc.)

Honestly I wish I could disable the auto join thing regardless; as it’s definitely caused me to exit events on accident before!

Personally though I don’t feel as though any more reminders to join an event when free roaming needs to happen; literally once every 120 seconds seems… awfully plenty.

I think the OP is looking to do away with all the auto-joins, reminders to join, etc. and just have the option to enter the number of minutes prior to the event that you want to be taken to the start pens. If I’m right I’d be totally up for that as well.


I’d be up for it but pressing don’t join once is not the biggest pain so I don’t see zwift offering this new feature request any time soon.

Bingo! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: