Team meetup - Ability to start earlier

Would be nice if we had an option to “request to start right away” when everyone as already joined the even.

Say the event is at 5:00 and there is two person in the meetup that already joined at 4:55, one could request to start right away and if the other person (or everyone that did join) the event agree, the event could just start right away.

My friend and I usually do team meetup and sometime we do wait couple of minutes before starting - would be nice if we could just avoid the wait and start right away.

If there are only two of you it would be easier to just predetermine a time to start and a course or route, don’t use the meetup feature, and instead use the “ride with” function when you log into Zwift. At least it used to be an option, I haven’t used it in a long time, but if it still is there you would pop up right next to each other no matter who got their first.

thanks for the suggestion Mike.

I do see this as a work-around though. Free-riding and meetup is not the same. I would like to still like to wait for my friend before I start so we can compare and share the same “stats”, for a “fixed” time period. If I wait my friend for 5 minutes, all my stats will not be calculated properly at the end of my ride.

This is why it would be nice to still have a proper event but have the ability to start earlier.