Meetup timing issue

Hi there guys. We have been creating a meetup for a TTT that we do, but every week, certain members of our team get left off 2/3 seconds earlier/later than the rest of us??? Is this a zwift glitch or can we fix it ourselves?

What do you mean by “get left off”? At the start of a meetup my experience is that a rider starts when they start pedaling, not right at the meetup start time. Is it possible you have people who are just starting to pedal at different times?


We have experienced similar.

If for example 5 of us arrange a meet up for 9:00am; we all join the meet up ahead of time; we all sit pedalling on our virtual rollers waiting for the meet up to actually start…

Riders do not seem to get ‘released’ at the exact same time – there can be situations where the first few riders are riding up the road whilst others are depicted as still being stuck on their trainers for up to several seconds.

This is more than a rendering delay as the guys ‘left behind’ struggle to ever catch the leaders due to drafting if the initially released riders go off hard.

We too use the Meet Up as a proxy Team Time Trial format and this issue causes us considerable issues.

Any thoughts would be warmly appreciated!

I am having exactly the same issue. I’ll be on a meet up and my avatar does not leave with the others. Sometimes there in say 6 seconds delay in me leaving the blocks, sometimes longer. I’m doing all the right things peddling. I thought it was a computer clock issue because my clock does sometimes run slow (Dell laptop issue!). However, today I checked laptop was on right time and synced it with internet clocks and my iphone. And yet again my avatar started the meetup about 6 seconds after my friends. Quite quickly the rubber band pulled me up to the others, but it is frustrating for everyone that this happens. Any ideas anyone? Thanks

I had an extreme version of this today. I was the host of a group ride and while the rest of the group started at 5:30pm, I was stuck still in the event waiting screen with the ghost trainer and event count down still had 5 minutes on the clock. Once the 5 minutes was up I was allowed to ride like normal but the group had long gone. I was still marked as the host and had the full 30 minutes of duration on my event.

Not seen this before but it added an interesting unexpected game of cat and mouse to the event :grinning: