People in the same meetup starting at different times

Has anyone else noticed that people in the same meetup have been starting at different times? There’s been some meetups where a person gets a 10+ second or more headstart.

Any idea how to fix this?

Are there lots of people in the meetup? They aren’t designed for racing. If you could find some commonality between the people in the early group or people in the late group that might help support find a bug in the matrix. Eg mac vs pc, or companion vs no companion, Bluetooth vs ant+ etc)

Hi Ben,
I had the same issue of J.Boyer and after the last update with the Race option the meet up should have the syncro start.
But with a few teamates we made a try and had a different start time (the different start time was due to different countdown beacuse we were checking this issue)

We were on
3 riders or maybe even 4 with PC

but the issue was not surely related with the hardware beacuse me (on apple tv) and 2 PC started together but 1 PC started 2 seconds early and we think that type of connection does not change as the one that started before was on ANT+ but who started with me was also on ANT+

I have reach out support via e-mail but did not get any answer of the issue of the start time.

The problem is that the countdown is not equal to everyone partecipating in the meetup.
But i don’t know how the countdown is generated and how it can get different start times.

Waiting for a feedback

Assuming you are all on the same version of zwift I’m not sure why there would be a difference either. I’m not part of the zwift support team, I was just suggesting things to look into or rule out.

Maybe “Meet up start time” starts when the rider pedals? Or it is just that the count down is different for every rider in the meet up? In our last meet up we were just 5 and I think we started all at the same time but I’m not sure since I was not checking specifically for that.