Meetup race with start on the grid

Hi everyone,
After the meetup update with the addition of the “Racing results” it can be even more fun to make the start same as race inside the pen/grid in order also to resolve the issue of different start times.

Waiting for everyone feedback

I’ve been racing in an informal race series via the meetup function recently, it is great apart from a few issues which being able to start from the pen would solve, so I’d love to see this implemented!

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That would be really helpful. Many groups now arrange pseudo races, but the way you get placed into the world massively affects timings etc. If we’re held by the roadside, it can’t be much more complex to hold us in the pens?

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Even if it’s not the pens themselves, the issue is in the time difference for users doing the event. I may start at the same time as everyone, but depending on when they join the meet-up, there is a few seconds difference in our times, even if we’re riding along together. It makes it quite hard to work out whether the overall result was due to a narrow loss when crossing the line or whether it was due to some sort of start time mismatch.

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Great idea. Having a race where everyone has a different end point kind of defeats the point!

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Yes - this is the problem. Would be good to have a fix.

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This feature would be great, can’t understand why it can’t happen??

It would be great to allow a ‘fixed start’ for meet-ups whether that is via the race pens or a ‘virtual pen’ at the start of a meet-up. It would make the timing work better (so you’re not in a sprint against someone who is actually going to finish 2 seconds sooner than you) & also help the start of a meet-up as it will be easy for people to start together if Zwift controlled this, as per a race.

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This please +1

Yes, sadly lacking feature.
If the race pens can’t be used (already taken by other races or something) then perhaps let meetup groups “reset” their own distance within the game, so they can stop at the same point and then race from there with an identical time and finish point?

This is a MUST. Please Zwift, change this feature ASAP. Give us a starting lane just like any regular race on Zwift Events. Pleeeeeease. It’s really frustrating to miss the pack just because you were randomly assigned at the far end of the meetup start lane. Please, please please! :smiley:


The issue regarding start/finish time renders any meetup race as utter garbage. We push ourselves to our limits in these private events and races are often won by a fraction of a second. Resolving this problem would significantly improve users’ satisfaction. It must be a priority.