Improvements to the meet up feature

Hi all

While good, the meet up feature is far from perfect in my opinion. Myself and a growing group of people are using it to try and create our own races. But there is no precise way of recording results.

Any chance at the end of a meet up we can get a results table like the one zwift provide at the end of a race?

Completely agree, not being able to set exact start/finish lines means that you have to use Strava segments which means if someone sets off quickly before the start of the segment and wins by a narrow margin they might actually lose as their effort was wasted. Being able to link to zwiftpower would also be fantastic. I think it has potential to be brilliant for private races and zwift is missing out on customers due to neglecting the expansion of the racing functionality of meet ups

Yes Meetup is a nice addition to Zwift.

I would add:

  • A meetup code that can be posted so the organizer don’t have to invite all riders.
  • A meetup race should also start in the pen’s like other races, with a count down.
  • More than 50 Riders.

In total agreement. A meet up should enable everyone to start from the gun. The present system makes racing very tricky. Last across the start line can beat someone who finishes level…very annoying.

These are all good points.

Let’s be fair, the meet-up facility has enhanced Zwift. It has enabled private social rides and races to be scheduled by groups of friends, and that has enhanced the rich set of options already on Zwift.

I’d see the suggestions offered as the logical next step. If meet-up organisers can schedule a meet-up as a race, then moving the start and end points to pens and finish banners, as in current public Zwift races would make a big difference and remove the random nature of the starts and having to use Strava segments to establish finishing times after the race completes.

There’s no need to make changes for social meet-ups. Spawning at the roadside as currently happens would be fine.

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I thought when meetups was first introduced there was acknowledgment that it needed to be more like races (i.e. start from the pens, link to Zwiftpower, ‘closed’ roads) but they didn’t do this initially as they wanted to test out the functionality. It would make absolute sense if they could just allow meetups to effectively be private club races/rides :+1:

Anyone ever hear what Zwift’s future plans are for meetups?

Totally agree with these suggestions. Private / invite code only races need to be rolled out.

How does someone become a race organiser like WTRL \ DIRT, etc.

Good point. Come on Zwift, give us a way of setting up races with our mates that really works! As well as the other good suggestions made, it would be great to be able to limit the rider list on the right hand side to JUST those riders in our race so we can see time gaps between riders in our race, not just hundreds of other zwifters. The big, organised races on Zwift are great, but there’s also nothing like racing against a smaller group of mates you actually know - the ability to do this properly would add so much to the Zwift experience. You’ve set up the meet-up function - surely the next logical step is to tweak this to enable it to be properly used for racing?