Meet up options

Hi have been using the meet up option religiously every Wednesday evening with a big group of friends and it’s fantastic. But wondering would you be able to look at additional features within the meet up option?

  1. Ability to turn keep everyone together option on and off mid ride.

  2. Hide other Zwifters in game so only meet up rider’s can been seen. On busy night’s with lot’s of Zwifters in game it’s very hard to keep group together with so much draft floating around as we catch and pass other groups and vice versa.

  3. Option to select number of laps on set courses so official finish lines act as the finishing points of ride’s.

  4. A distance slider that let’s you see end position of set course. e.g. I was ride to finish at the top of Watopia Forward KOM Banner. At the moment it’s a guessing game and can never get it right.

Many thanks :+1: