Meetup suggestions


I’ve done multiples meetups and there are some improvements that I’d like to see in Zwift :slight_smile:

-> remove the direction choice to every body except the leader and force the members of the meetup to follow the leader’s choices

-> allow the turn around during meetup

-> permit once to join a meetup after it has started : for the ones who missed the start or which lost connection or something it would be great

-> When “stay together” is activated, do not remove someone who stop spinning… Maybe you could rather let him stop and help him then to get back to group

-> Finally, it would be very convenient if the leader could activate/desactivate the “stay together” option while the meetup is running. It would permit for instance to every body to challenge himself in a ascent and then group again to continue…

Here are my suggestions and whishes, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one with those ideas… :slight_smile:

Well, yesterday I was testing meetups with 2 friends, and it failed.
When the timer went to 0, my friends were able to run away, but my character got stuck running in that virtual treadmill. I had to wait until the 30 minutes pause for hydratation to reset the game and use the function “run with…” to reach my friend position.

minute 10.38, im the leader of the group, I started running but he didnt move. My screen only showed the timer stuck at 0.00 and the group chat that people uses before the meetup starts
(dont pay attention to the character with orange shirt, thats the account i use to fanview myself)

I also notice that the keeping the group ride together does not mean a blob. Instead we were all scattered all over the road.

I think I am missing something here, it look like the meetup started a 8:30 where you got of the treadmill?

Well, my microphone wasn’t working for some reason, so I went to my bedroom to reset microphone source from obs. I paused the treadmill and the Garmin (and left the watch there to prevent problems with the pairing of the distance between the garmin and the computer running zwift -check from 8.11 to 8.16 i removed garmin from wrist-). When i came back with microphone working fine, started running in the treadmill and pressed play in garmin, my character started running in that virtual treadmill inside the game used for warming up, the timer stuck at 0.00 and couldnt move (it was hilarious because i was running in a treadmill watching myself running in a treadmill). Solution was to fan view my partner the first half hour. Then closed zwift, started again, picked “run with…” and teleported to him

Seems like some guys here had the same problem Meetups not working ¿maybe its a known bug?

I don’t see your avatar, running? It look like your sensors went to sleep and did not wakeup to talk to Zwift. If your sensors goes to sleep you can go to the paring screen and unpair and re-pair to wake them up.

Wait! Thats why i wrote in the first post: dont pay attention to the character with orange shirt, thats the account i use to fanview myself

That screen you’re seeing is the secondary account I use to stream. My main character (the one that was stuck is @luchomoretta, look close, its behind the character with orange shirt) was the one with garmin paired and working perfectly fine. Everything worked fine (speed, cadence, heart rate). The problem was that he was stuck running in the virtual treadmill used for warming up