Meetup - synchronised start?

With meetup-ups, can you confirm that the start is treated exactly the same as a race start ?.

I’m on ATV, and I’ve done 100+ races, and despite pushing 450+ watts at the start, as the clock counted down to 3 secs (for me) several riders in my meetup rode across the front of me and away, and then 2/-3 secs later as I launched my whole team was about 30m away and bunched up, and I was left for dead. It looked like everybody left at slightly different times. In other rides where I have been in the bunch, I have seen other riders left for dead - I assumed it was they were slow starters, until it happened to me.

Now I’m wondering if its a bug/ a feature or I misconceived what happened. This is only probably noticable for people who treat meetups as a race start and are full gaz, for a casual meetup it would probably just look as if everyone started at the same time.

Can you confirm that a meetup start is treated the same as a zwift event start, and not staggered in any slight way for all riders ?.