How long in the Start Pen?

How long can a rider stay in the Starting Pen of a Meetup (with race results on)?
We want to run a handicap with our group, whereby the slowest riders take off as soon as the meetup starts, then others go at set intervals. So the next group might go at 5 minutes, then another at 10 minutes, etc. The difference between the front and back will be around 40 minutes. The winner is the first across the finish line. We do a lot of IRL handicap racing in Australia, and thats how they are run. Thanks for your help.

Meetups don’t have a start pen. They just start from the side of the road. I can’t imagine there’s any limit to how long you can stay there. Though be careful that those who sit there for a while don’t end up with their trainers going into sleep mode and then the rider finding they can’t pedal! Going into the pairing screen and pedalling (your avatar won’t move while in the pairing screen) will avoid this.

Thanks Steve. One of the issues we were thinking about was how people can warmup whilst not pedalling (so they dont move). So they could go into the pairing screen and warmup…sort of. Cheers

I haven’t been in a meetup for a while, but previously, riders that didn’t pedal (ie: didn’t move) were ejected from the meetup. you might want to run a test with a couple of friends first to see what happens.

I would have:
1 - ride off when the meetup starts
1 - do nothing
1 - go to pairing screen and pedal

And see what happens to the riders that don’t ride off

Was that a “Keep Together” Meetup though?

Possibly. It has been a while :slight_smile: just something i remembered from Meetups, and thought it would be a good idea to run a test before finding out the hard way!

Definitely. A test would be simple and would help yo confirm.

Brett, just so you know, there is a slight issue with Race Results Meetups. Because everyone starts at a slightly different point, they also each see their finishing line at a slightly different point. There’s a thread on this somehow and Zwift are looking into how to fix this.

Thanks all. I’ll definately do the test. And lookup that link.