Meetup Races

Is there a way to get results after a meetup event ?


The idea of the meet ups are not races so presume there would be no pecking order

There are no results in a meetup, they are not races. However, if you are on a route with a timed segment, sprint or KOM, the leader board in the game will only show the meetup group and not everyone else.

Thanks for your answers.

So… right now is it not possible to race only with friends or create a “internal” league/series ?

I think there is a way. You set the meetup with keep together disabled and set it to distance instead of time. So riders will go at their own speed and each will see a blue wall at the finish and the result will prompt. They need to take a screenshot or memorise, but it works. I’m doing this with friends


Many of us are hoping the new club feature will solve some of this, fingers crossed it comes out in April :pleading_face:

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Thanks !

That seems to solve the problem now before the next firmware version comes out.

Can you see that blue wall afterwards ?

once you pass through it the meetup ends. IIRC there is a message on the screen that indicates you have completed the meetup.

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Every rider will just see the blue wall when they’ve reached the distance of the meetup. They only see it once