Zwift Meetup - Results

Yesterday I had a ride with meetup using the keep together feature.
I saw that during sprint or climb there were a result table saying your position , for instance 2 of 9 ! Well, there are these results. I have a look everywhere without success. Do you have any idea?
Thanks a lot

The KOM, sprint and route leaderboards are always on zwift. However, if you aren’t free riding they only show the results of people in your event or grade or meet up. They also time out after some number of hours or minutes. So to answer your question, they are gone. However, I think the next time you ride on that world you can look at your own leaderboard for 30 day results and it will list your times there, but not your friends. If you are trying to determine who went faster over some segment you could use strava (the zwift insider verified are the main ones).