All about meetups

Participated in my 1rst meetup recently. 1-How is the UCI worlds listing generate, mine was blank? 2-The Zwifters nearby listed included a first list in green and a header indicating x many more that we could not however access. Are there other zwifters joining in or is this random from around the world on same course. 3-My avatar seems to accelerate and slow down on its own regardless of my up or down cadence, why? 4-How do I see the results of our group and the KOMs?

1 - I think you’re referring to a route timing list on the left of the screen, but that might not necessarily match (despite what would be logical) the course that you were riding. And if you didn’t complete the course that the board was showing then you wouldn’t have had a time displayed.

2 - Yes, your Meetup participants are in green. If it was a private Meetup (this is an option selected by the organiser) then you won’t see anyone else but it’ll still tell you who else is on that particular world. If that wasn’t one of the three guest worlds then the only people there will be ones on Meetups, events or using a hack to get onto that world.

3 - What sort of trainer/device are you using and how is it connected to Zwift? More information would help answer this one.

4 - You get KOM results as you ride round, but after the ride you won’t see results unless the organiser chose to make this a Meetup with results. You’ll be able to see segment times on something like Strava. Zwift won’t show you KOM/sprint times after the Meetup.

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or, was this meetup using the “keep together” option, so the group would stay together regardless of individuals power output. If you are slower, then eventually you will accelerate up to the others in the group, or slow down if you are way ahead of them.

2: If it is a private meetup, meetup participants could only see each other and no one else on the map. But could the other riders on the map see the meetup participants?

Yes, they can.