Meetup race results completely wrong!

We have been testing the race results in Meetups and it does not work in any way shape or form. Not quite sure how it is quite so bad? I’m guessing the feature was released with no QA.

  • Finishing order incorrect
  • Time gaps between riders during meetup are wrong/all over the place

Also would be useful to see:

  • blue finishing banner not visible in fan view.

Please can this be fixed? At the moment it’s a disaster.

These two are presumably related to this: Let everyone have the same finish line in Meetups with Race Results


Wow, that’s even more stupid than I imagined. I’m guessing because riders are scattered across the road at the start. However, not every rider is on the front row of the pen in a race. Maybe races also actually have this problem but the distance is much smaller.

I don’t think so, there seems to be a line somewhere, I presume where the banner is at the front of the pens, that starts the official race distance. You don’t count until you cross the invisible line.

On proper races the distance doesn’t start counting down until you cross the start line, ensuring the finish line is in the same spot for all. They need to do the same for meetups rather than just counting from where you spawn at the side of the road.


Yeah, this is totally obviously. Why don’t they just start meetups in the pens and the whole problem is solved. I don’t know how you overlook this - it takes just one proper test to realise the feature doesn’t work.

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To be fair, as I said in the other thread, the current approach would seem to be fine for TTs. Just not for races.

This is a known issue that we’re working on.

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will this be in the next release or coming zoon?

The assessment is that it’s a fairly complex knot to untangle, so likely will be a longer term fix.

I mean, it’s not difficult because you’ve already solved it - hence how races exist. Simply start the meetups in a pen and have distance based from start-line to finish. I don’t think it needs to be more difficult than that. Just say if you want race results then world has to be empty.