Let everyone have the same finish line in Meetups with Race Results

My friends and I have noticed that the location of the blue finish lines we see in Meetups with Race Results is not the same. These are meetups with a set distance. We are guessing that the finish line location is based on our location at the start of the meetup. We are also guessing that the placings we see in the Race Results are based on the time it takes us to finish the set distance. However, this also makes sprints at the finish kind of meaningless since we’re not sprinting for the same line. We have no idea if we are actually ahead or behind.

We hope changes can be made so that all riders in a meetup see the same finish line.

Maybe meetups can follow the same system of official Zwift races which have a neutral zone after the start and only begin the race timer after crossing a certain white line on the road.

This seems like a pretty fundamental flaw.


Here’s a video.
Sprint is at 3:21. Check the sequence of zwifters at the right before the finish line and compare it with the race results. M.Dayrit can be a good reference to check the discrepancy.

Hard to know how much of that is network latency but it does seem a bit off.

We’ve been able to confirm that the finish line location can be as much as several hundred meters apart because some of us livestream and record our races and others were able to compare where they see their own finish lines.

For example, we recently did a 15 km race on Champs Elysees. I had my finish line at the top of the ramp coming out of the tunnel while someone else had theirs at least 200 meters ahead of that, past the ramp and around the corner.

I’ve also seen a few others comment about this on Zwiftinsider.

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Ah right. Makes sense in principle I suppose, the system is ensuring everyone is doing the same distance irrespective of where they begin at the side of the road because that’s the specified parameter of the meetup. But if you’re doing a race that way, the finish line needs to be the same for everyone or like you say the final sprint becomes rather meaningless.


Meetup with race results needs to have a “lap/loop” or “circuit” option for the given routes rather than time or distance. We should be able to choose say 10 laps of the volcano circuit, rather than 20 miles or 60 minutes.


I can see the current implementation being good for TTs. But it’s no good for a regular race.

Perhaps it would make sense to have two different Race Results options for Meetups - “Race Results (TT)”, as it is now, and “Race Results (Road Race)” where there’s a single finishing line and there can be a rolling start?

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100%!!! Can not belieeeeeve this wasn’t done as part of the Race Results feature release.
Guessing the lead-in + lap distance is impossible. Have tried many times and never got close to finishing near a banner.

My expectation when this was released was that the same functionality would be provided as Zwift race events, but in a MeetUp. Start in pens, cross start line, race to banner = simples! But noooo, let’s re-invent the wheel, confusing and frustrating paid users again :partying_face: