Game Update - August 6th, 2020

Same here. I went quickly to Yorkshire and the problem wasn’t there like it was last time. So perhaps resetting my avatar’s skin tone fixed it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Getting an unusual amount of stutter recently irrespective of frame rate, unsure if it’s related to this release but France is certainly the worst affected (though I do see it on the other worlds too). Seems most noticeable on riders coming the other way so I’m wondering if it’s to do with the new time gap calculations and/or people not being on the latest update. But it’s frustrating.

Had something similar earlier in the year that Zwift saw and fixed, with the release notes then saying it was to do with riders exiting events.

This is on Windows 10, across two different setups.

@Anna_Ronkainen Are you seeing this again?

Maybe it’s due to the return of the fence…

I wouldn’t take any bets on that, but we hope.
I thought the next update is World’s course, even if real life got cancelled.

Yes one can hope

I have recently got my wife into Zwift. The UI is very obviously bad when it takes so long to explain where to find everything and in what sequence you must do things. I also had to show her a few third party sites so she could actually find routes and events effectively and I guess she’ll need zwift power at some point too.

Really hope they have a simple, back to menu option and have everything hanging off that.

All routes, all useful information, everything.

The companion app also needs more adding to it to save you firing up zwift in your pain cave everytime

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Elite’s customer service team informed me that it is not possible to upgrade the original units and that they are not doing any discounts or programs for owners of the original Sterzo. I voiced my displeasure with that response and hope that enough original Sterzo owners do the same that Elite will consider a trade-in or discount program.

We all expect products to be surpassed at some point, but the original Sterzo was only released five months before it became obsolete and was available for purchase in the US for even less time. At what point did Zwift decide to support smart-only steering? Was Elite surprised by this, or did both Elite and Zwift know the original Sterzo would become obsolete within months?

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Hi @josh_flanagan - I emailed Elite and they told me they would not be providing discounts, trade-ins, upgrades, or anything else to the owners of the original Sterzo. Did you get the same response?

yes , this was their facebook reply. guess it is now a paperweight

At the moment we have not taken this option in consideration because as much as they are similar, they are still two separate models, with a different scope of action (one is smart directly with Zwift, the other was thought to be a mechanical device, or the movement for phone-based steering options in apps).

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Finally the AppleTV update (hot patch) is here (UK App Store).

I just had another game update on Android - v 1.0.54692. What’s changed?

Another update on Apple TV too - v 1.0.54684.

Since installing this update Zwift does not launch on my Windows 10 PC. have tried reinstalling, have a gaming level graphics card and have disabled VPN. No change, please advise

Seems to be the skin thing.



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Just a note for @shooj that the sticky on version numbers is not up to date. Thanks!

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I agree! Please add support for Tacx Blacktrack

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What does 4K UHD support for Radeon Pro 5500m actually mean? Does this mean Ultra profile (previously capped at High) and Ultra graphics on the device (MBP 16 inch 2020) or does this mean 4K UHD output if connected to a 4K device (e.g. TV)?

Race results in meetups are a complete mess. Wrong times, wrong finish order and different finish barrier apparently for each rider.

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