Race Results in Social Rides

Every week, at 16:45 BST each Sunday, I take part in the We Are Invictus Soial Ride. Every week, at the end of the ride, Zwift Companion produces a list of riders under the heading Race Result. What has become abundantly clear is that these Race Results have absolutely no bearing on the position on the road of the riders who finish the race. The most bizarre example we have noted was two weeks ago when two of the riders in the last 5, were ranked joint 1st and joint 17th respectively. I, who finished around 30th on the road, was ranked last at 45th.

Now, Zwift exported all the correct data to Strava for the same 3 riders so the distance travelled over the hour of the ride correctly reflects the position of the riders on the road. So, that rather begs the question of what on earth do the Zwift Race Results show as it is clearly not the results of the race/ride?

This might be related to the way that currently everyone gets a different finish line when Race Results is on.

The problem is that everyone sees the finish line at the same distance from their spawn point. This is a problem because everyone is spawned at slightly different points so are spread out.

This means that some riders can have a finishing line that’s a couple of hundred metres past another rider’s.

Zwift are aware of this issue and are said to be working on a fix.

Hi Steve, I’ve seen this explanation before, but in this case, it is definitely incorrect. This is timed event, of one hours duration, not a distance event, where your expolanation might have some credence. All start from the tape and an hour is an hour no matter how far from the tape you start. The errors in position are in the order of kilometres, not a few metres or hundreds of metres. In any event, the individuals I was referring to in the OP started that race side-by side at the start gate.

This is clearly a differnet issue to the one you describe, though they may be related in some way.

I should also add that, regardless of when I and my friends are spawned in the ride which is bound to be different with often over 100 riders participating, week in and week out, the same individuals finish up at the front of the field and others consistently at the back, irrespective of how slow or fast they ride.

But if it is a timed event then the one that can ride a hours in the the shortest time should be on top. LOL

Timed events have random finishing positions.


Shouldn’t a timed event rank riders based on distance travelled?

A timed Social Event should not have results!

No it is timed event not a hour record event.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but if Race Results were turned on by the organiser, which sounds like the case here, shouldn’t those Race Results be accurate?

Whether the organiser should have turned on Race Results is a different matter.

You are indeed missing something. The event is an hour long. It ends after precisely 60 minutes - 1 hour. So faster riders go further than slower ones, but all riders ride for 60 minutes - unless you join the ride late, when you can only ride for the remaining part of the hour.

So, if I line up at the tape alongside my mate, we ride for exactly an hour and after an hour, I have ridden 2-3km further than my mate, you would expect me to be ahead of him in the Race Results - after all, all Zwift Companion needs to do is put the person who rode furthest in 60 minute/ 1 hour in first position and the person who rode the shortest distance last. Nothing complex, not rocket science. As I noted in the OP, when the Zwift data is exported to Strava, Strava gets it right and shows the distance ridden in the hour. So my question remains, why are Zwift struggling to get this right?

The organizer probably turned on the Leader board so that people can see in the rider list where they are during the event. I use to do that for out group rides.

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I’m not sure that we’re all talking about the same thing here.

Is this an informally arranged Meetup with the (relatively new) Race Results feature switched on, or an organised event in Zwift’s event calendar?

That is indeed the case and it works perfectly during the ride for that purpose. It all goes ■■■■ up, as they say in the vernacular, the second the ride ends.

This is an organised ride on Zwifts calendar of events

Ok, ignore everything I said then. Since you mentioned Race Results I assumed you were talking about a Meetup. My bad.

It is a social event not a race, so results is irrelevant.
90% of the riders in the event treat it as a social event so “winning” a social event against people that does not know that are racing is not that hard.

I note your opinion, but it fails to address the question I asked.

The answer is Zwift racing results was not made for Time based events and the organizer has no way to show riders position without having race results at the end of the event.

So you can ask the organizer not to enable results for the social event but then the organizer wont be able to call out his/her position for people to catch up or slow down.


I guess differences in distance travelled are simply ignored (events like that are not exactly mainstream in IRL cycling either) and an hour is the same length for everybody, so in that sense any order among finishers is “correct”.


Ok, so why are you bothered about the “results” when this is advertised as a social ride and not a race?


I note that the instructions for this Invictus ride say that “the goal is to keep the group together”, and to stay close to the beacon, and it also specifically says “It is not a race”.

If you’re bothered about the “results” then you are very clearly in the wrong event, and probably helping to spoil the ride for others.

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