Meet up with Race Results by Distance or Time?

Hi - This is an email I just sent to Zwift. Wondering if anyone has suggestions here. I ran a meet up today amongst a group of 30 serious cat 1s, 2s and 3s with the race results function on. As expected, it came down to a hotly contested sprint but due to the fact that the meet up was a set distance, everyone had a slightly different finish line and more than 4 people thought they had won the race because of this. As you probably know, this came about because when riders are spawned on trainers, they are spread up and down the side of the road…so the person farthest back actually will see a different finish line location in the meet up than the person in the very front of the trainer line up. I am asking Zwift please upgrade the meet up function with race results to include both a lead in and the ability to select a number of “laps” on a course like a regular Zwift race. If this can happen, then everyone can finish at the clear Zwift finish line banner - like at the Pier. I have read that setting a meet up with race results based on time does not create a “finish line” at the end of the time. The only way to solve this and make it work is for Zwift to create a lead in and lap function for meet ups with race results.

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Thank you. So the situation has been unsolved since at least August. What a shame, seems like such an easy thing to add.

Like all new features they add, they dont ever seem to really finish the job properly as well as never fix the stuff they broke on the way.

Yup - Zwift has plenty of new users this year and plenty of frustrated old users too. LOTs of people complaining about lots of different stuff. Hopefully they figure this kind of stuff out - or a competitor might squash them in a year or two. Hard to imagine that now since Zwift is so universally popular but I can see it…like when everyone jumped off the MySpace wagon onto the Facebook wagon…

similar time/distance mismatch happens in the organized running races as well. the time you cross the finish line (on the elapsed time counter) is not your race finish time, as for some reason it adds in the 20-30 seconds from the GO! command to when you actually run out of the start pen. at least with the runs we all have the same finish line.