Meetup Distance vs .FIT file

Hi everyone,

Since the race events has the organization restricted to the Zwift, we are using distance based meetups to setup “clandestine races”.

After the meetup we are getting the .FIT files and cropping the elapsed time when the athlete achieve the pre-defined distance.

The duration time doesn’t match with Zwift, and in some cases has a big gap.

My main suspicious is the startup position, make sense?

Companion app update will give you leaderboards for meet ups.

That update is coming. Not sure when exactly but it sounded soon.

Meet ups start weird (along the edge of the road) so I don’t think they are great for racing. Before strava changed it would be best to check a specific zwiftinsider verified segment. Now that’s not an option unless you are a subscriber. Some people are using golden cheetah, they make a segment on that and can compare times. I’m not 100% on the details of how to do that though.