Meetup race results completely wrong!

We also have this issue with our team races. Totally frustrating as everyone has a slightly different finish line. We tried a neutral start so we all start racing at the same point but that doesn’t really fix the separate finish line issue. Having to guess at the lead in if you want to do loops of a course like volcano circuit is annoying when trying to have the race finish at the finish banner. I appreciate that clubs is a huge endeavour so can we get a start line for meet up races the same as in other raves? The race result function is great, the distance function just needs to be fixed.

Any guesstimate if this is doable and when? Update on clubs roll out please. Thanks.

Hi any update on this fix for Race Results meet up. Pretty frustrating at the moment


Please update us on this defect and let us know when we can expect a fix. we cant run club races on zwift with this bug. starting in pens is the obvious solution but even if you gave everyone the same finish line as the leader for meetups that would make a big difference.thanks.

I wonder if this has been completely abandoned in favor of the clubs feature development?

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Which has also been abandoned :slight_smile:

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That would be a real shame, I’ve never even seen it.

I am part of the Jarvis club which Zwift set up to test features and it’s been largely abandoned for some time.


Omg did my first meetup race horrible experience people dont showing not on course or in list, supertuck not working.
This was truly so not fun hard to race when 5 people of 30 is in constany ghostmode.
Time for zwift to take a grip of the race part in zwift.

@shooj no update? It should be removed until it is fixed tbh. Although it has been over 6 months without even a flicker of interest from Zwift.

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@shooj have to agree with Rhys, very frustrating and demotivating for participants when the finish is run as a lottery. Would be great to get an update please

Did a club zwift race late last year and the results table bore no resemblance to the actual results.

Lapped riders finished higher in finishing table??

Was it a timed duration event or a set distance? The results will just appear random if it was a duration event.

I think it was a duration event mate. 1 hour.

That’s why then. Duration results are random. You need a distance-based event to get proper results.

Good to know :+1:

We host our own private races a lot but this bug is insanely troublesome.

Can we crowdsource MONEY so Zwift can actually spend time fixing this feature everyone actually needs?

I find it really perplexing that I’m spending 15 USD on this per month but other “online games” can fix bugs quicker than they do (and arguably with more features)


No response from zwift on this since august? Cool.

Being able to put together a ride/race in meetups is probably my favorite part of zwift. We have a local group and it’s been our substitute for real life racing.

While it is just for fun, results not working right is super frustrating.

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@shooj any update on this?

Thanks for the nudge. I’ll bump this ticket with the team in charge of it.


Any news on fixing this bug?

I mean you guys would rather release content instead of getting the basics right?