Meetup race results completely wrong!

Just a suggestion here, why not use the leader’s/meet up host’s finishing gate as the finishing point reference?

Surely there is a way to communicate such data across all joiners and makes this fix far more easier?

Hey @shooj - was there any update on this?

I still think using the pens is the easiest fix but would love to get more info.


I looked into this ticket. The race results for timed-duration Meetups have been broken due to some deeper issues that still need sorting out. We are retooling the ranking mechanism so it works better, and for that - we still need more time. Apologies for the lengthy hold on this fix.

@shooj whats the reason why ‘race’ meet ups can’t start from the pens?

It would solve the issue quite quickly… if it’s a case of pens being used, just assign them to pen E and block off the first 5min & 30-35min start time when most races start…

Do the Zwift guys have FUNDING issues? Clearly our 15usd per month isn’t sufficient. A lot of “new features” are being worked on but the basic game breaking bugs aren’t even fixed.

I mentioned crowd funding earlier. I believe we are able to crowd fund a specialized team to fix this issue for you.

It’s very hard not to compare Zwift to MMORPGs made 10-20 years ago when you actually pay less money for a heck of a lot more features and frequent bug fixes.

What about distance-based Meetups with race results, where everyone has a different finish line due to the different spawn points?

Any updates on this bug?