Meet Up Fix suggestion

Our club is running weekly meet ups. This is an awesome feature and one that I think will really grow as regional ride groups look to ride together in the off season. We have had a couple of issues with it specifically as it relates to the “Join Meet Up” notification

With every event you enter you get a notification that you can join about 20 minutes before the start. Meet ups it has been mostly 3 min before and for some they did not get it until 30 seconds before.

Since someone loggin in 15 minutes before the ride expects to see the notification as it would be in any other group ride, they all jump back out when they do not see it, log back in to see if they have joined the meet up then try again. A few have missed the start completely trying to figure out what is going on.

For continuity these notifications should come out the same way group rides do to avoid confusion

Completely agree. The Meet-Up function is great but the prompt to Join is inconsistent both in terms of how the prompt is displayed and also when. I continue to have issues with all subscribed attendees being able to join because of a completely inconsistent prompt and T minus time. Come on ZWIFT this shouldn’t be hard!

Example: I have had T-minus 3mins and T-minus 5 mins and T-minus zero mins. The prompt has been front and centre at the bottom of the screen but in your face so to speak or bottom left and not so obvious.

All the above on the same device (PC).

A 5 mins warning with a reminder at 3mins would be fine.