Joining a meetup is confusing and frustrating

We create meetups to ride as a small group but there is always an issue to be part of it. Riders who are trying to get into the meetup often can’t do so which is very frustrating after you are ready to bike as a group. So couple of us sat down and troubleshoot the flow. The gist is: You need to start a ride by pressing the ‘Ride’ button and then 5 minutes before the meetup, ‘Meetup Starting’ dialog appears. There is no way to join the meetup or automatically be part of it after logging-in and pairing the devices without choosing a world and a ride.

Why is this not written in the How to Ride with Friends. The page says: “Zwift will notify you a few minutes before the Meetup is going to begin” This is not true if a ride is not selected. It would be immensely helpful to say that “Select any world and any ride and click on the Ride button to go in a game world. Then Zwift will notify you 5 minutes before the Meetup is going to begin”. Thanks in advance!

Hi @D_B6750

That is the same process as Group rides races and group workouts.

  1. Pair sensors
  2. Pick any world and route.
  3. Warm up until you see the Join event
  4. click join event and go to the Pen
  5. Wait for the count down
  6. GO GO GO
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But that’s not the complaint - the complaint is that the instructions are incomplete and you need to be riding to be notified. And the last part (you have to have started a ride before you can start a ride with friends) may be familiar now, but certainly isn’t intuitive or obvious to new users.


I have to agree. Getting to the actual ride the first time on Zwift can be really frustrating. Selecting an event is pretty easy, but then actually understanding that you have to hit the ‘Ride’ button before you will actually have a chance to join the event you have selected is not clear at all. There should be some indication of this, at least when you first start with Zwift.


I agree with this too.

I remember how confusing it was the first time I wanted to join a Zwift meetup. Whenever my club has any new Zwifters wanting to join our club meetups, we provide our own instructions to them to try and ease the process.