Disable/customise auto join event feature

Super annoying to 1 get the reminders from about 4 minutes out from an event start and then at intervals on screen and also via companion app - having to dismiss them. Even more annoying to miss the on screen counter and then auto join in the pen when you were still doing a warm up/ Didn’t want to join.

Can we be able to turn this off or customise defaults at least please?

One billion percent!

I think the Companion reminders start much earlier than 4 minutes before an event. It’s more like 15 or more. And they pop up every 2 minutes IIRC.

It’s incredibly infuriating to have to keep dismissing them. No, I don’t want ot join the event yet, thanks. I’ve told you that several times already. Bugger off and stop harrassing me!


I think here are two different things being talked about.

  1. Companion App notifications. Here I agree with Daren. They start at 15 min or 30 depending on how you selected it when entering the race. Once I say later then I don’t need to see it again until 5 min to go.

  2. The auto join and notification at about 5-4 min to go. I think this is very helpful, this avoid that all riders go to the pen at the same time and add lot of strain to the servers especially in big events.

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On Zwift Companion, click on the “X” at the upper right of the reminder pop-up window.

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Are you serious, I did not know that, can’t wait to try it. Thanks a lot.

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Awesome! Does that stop the auto join on the PC as well?

Yeah they prob start earlier but i close the app to avoid them during a warm-up! Not ideal.

I get the server load point… most the time I’m pressed for time and i only complete the event warm up less than a minute before start…i know lots do the same… server load shouldn’t be our issue :slight_smile:

Yes it should not, that is why Zwift move people to the pen at different times between 5 and 3 min and then leave time for those that wait to the last second. A lot of people tat wait to long don’t get into the event because it is like when every one run for the the door you get this huge bottle neck and no one get in.

I run Zwift Companion on iPhone and Zwift on a Mac. After hitting the “X” on ZC I still see a “Join Event” button on the Mac’s screen, and still get the pop-up on the Mac’s screen with about 3 minutes before the start of the event. But no other annoying nags seem to appear.

Does anybody know how I can enter in a event from companion app?

Moreover the annoying reminder popup in the desktop that sometimes I have to get off the bike to close (unfortunately not always it appears in synchronism with companion app), I have to get off the bike again to use the mouse to enter in.

I love Zwif but im this part the usability is terribly bad. Staff should be think people can be get on a bike and the keyboard/mouse could be a bit far.

From the events section, pick an event, then press the ‘+’ next to the grade you want to enter :+1:

Yep, that’s the one I would love to see made customisable! Stop it appearing, change the time it appears, set a reminder time, turn off auto join, set a time for auto join…