Event reminder on Companion app

I would request some change in how often you get reminders for an upcoming event on the companion app.

I select my events in advance so while warming up sometimes up to a hour before the time. But the reminder will start popping up 30 min before the event, (this is stil ok) but then it keep coming up every few min.

I would suggest if you snooze the reminder it will remind you every 10 min or again 5 min before the event start, in the last 5 min it can remind you more often.

Just came here to post about the same thing.

I started Zwift about 18 minutes before my LDN group ride last night. It’s really annoying to have the Companion app nag me every 2 minutes.

Yes, I know the event is happening. No, I’ve already said I don’t want to join it yet. It’s still 10 minutes away, stop nagging!