Companion App (Android version): event notifications and followers (2 questions)

question 1: Event notifications: during my pre-event warm-up, I keep getting event notification(s) - my event is about to start in 29min, in 28 min, in 27 min, etc… and I keep having to tap the phone. I really don’t want any phone reminders after I close/dismiss the first note. I’ll click on the Let’s Go button using my PC when I’m ready to go… is there a way to set the android companion app to tell me just once, or only remind me every 10 min, instead of every dog gone minute?

question 2: I keep getting followers that I have Not Approved, and then I have to laboriously force them to Not Follow me… I mean I love all of you, I just don’t want to share all my rides with all 50k Zwifters… :wink: So is there a way to prevent followers that I don’t approve?


Hey Dave! For question 2: Do you have your Approve Follow Requests setting toggled on? Go to your Companion app, tap Settings then Privacy. Then tap Approve Follow Requests. This will allow you to approve or deny follow requests :slight_smile:

For your first question, I am looking into that because that sounds weird, annoying and not right. I’ll update you as soon as possible!

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Thanks - that does indeed solve Q2. I found those settings and set it up nicely:
Approve Follow Requests: ON
Private Messaging: ON
Activity Privacy: Followers and Me.

Thanks so much!

No problem! Quick question, when you go to Settings then Notifications and scroll to Events, what is your Event Reminder time set as?

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It says 15 minutes - but it’s not changeable… as far as I can tell. Create Event Reminders is set to ASK out of the set of { Always, Never, Ask } The phone is Android (not sure which version on this Google Pixel 3) Thanks

Thanks for the details Dave! It is supposed to ask you if you want a reminder in the first place, and it certainly should not be in 1 minute intervals. Investigating!

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Thanks for the help, Vincent. I’m not complaining about the app - it’s totally brilliant! I just don’t have much experience with it - today’s my 4th month with Zwift (on a PC) and over 2000 miles, but first day with the companion app. Why, you may ask? because until today, for over 10 years, I had a VX8360 flip phone, and finally took the plunge and got a real 21st century phone. In fact, it’s this companion app that motivated me to take the plunge with a smart phone!! If you need any more details about it, please don’t hesitate to ask. -Dave