No alert to take you to group rides or events

This needs to be addressed! Why arent we getting alerts to switch to the event you are signed up for during a warm up or ride?

Huh? You do get reminded to join and it will auto-join you with about 6 minutes to go.


I’ve noticed that lately on meet-ups (using Apple TV), I get one alert about 5-6min before the event but if I dismiss to ride a few more kms I don’t get a second one like I used to. Have to end my ride, log out and back in and then join.

I get the 30 min countdown and then at 5 mins it asks you if you want to go to the start, not had any issues in the last week

I agree with this - it’s entirely random for me. Sometimes I get it right at the 30 minute mark, but sometimes it waits until closer to the event. Once (many months ago) it just never showed up and I never got to join the event…

I have noted that if I use the Companion app to sign up for an event BEFORE I start up Zwift on the Apple TV I will always get a ‘Join Now’ notification. But if I have started Zwift BEFORE I sign up for the event (even if I’m just on the world selection screen) I will NEVER get a notice.

Hmmmm, Ill try that tonight. That may be the culprit.

Yes, that is the secret. Sign up before entering Zwift by using the companion app. When entering Zwift double check that you can see the check mark by the event. Hit the “Ride” button and warm up (or go to the pen to claim your front row spot and then exit back to warm up *pro tip"). The event start will auto send you with ~3 - 4 minutes before the start. If you dismiss the auto feature (to finish that last warm up mile), then you have to remember to hit the “join event” button or you will miss the start. Hope that makes sense. There are times when I sign up for an event and then enter Zwift and do not see the check mark by the event. I have to log off and re-renter for it to “register me”. Make sure you leave time to do this so you are not scrambling to get in with seconds to go . . .

I’m also on an Apple TV, I find that id I ignore the “last” reminders, on screen and on the Companion app, there is always a “join event” bottom left of the screen to select, no need to exit and re-join.