No alert to take you to group rides or events

This needs to be addressed! Why arent we getting alerts to switch to the event you are signed up for during a warm up or ride?

Huh? You do get reminded to join and it will auto-join you with about 6 minutes to go.

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I’ve noticed that lately on meet-ups (using Apple TV), I get one alert about 5-6min before the event but if I dismiss to ride a few more kms I don’t get a second one like I used to. Have to end my ride, log out and back in and then join.

I get the 30 min countdown and then at 5 mins it asks you if you want to go to the start, not had any issues in the last week

I agree with this - it’s entirely random for me. Sometimes I get it right at the 30 minute mark, but sometimes it waits until closer to the event. Once (many months ago) it just never showed up and I never got to join the event…

I have noted that if I use the Companion app to sign up for an event BEFORE I start up Zwift on the Apple TV I will always get a ‘Join Now’ notification. But if I have started Zwift BEFORE I sign up for the event (even if I’m just on the world selection screen) I will NEVER get a notice.

Hmmmm, Ill try that tonight. That may be the culprit.