Apple TV & Events

Just started using and Apple TV and I am just trying to confirm that the only way to join an event is to exit the current ride and select the event when starting a new ride.

There is no auto join or warning that the event is starting? 



Well found out today that it just must have been a glitch. Today it behaved as did my computer before.

Maybe I should start another thread - I have been having these issues with Apple TV and Events.

I’ve only successfully joined an event once. The other times I RSVP’d, but for one I was 1-2 minutes late and there was no way to late join the event - all I could do was just ride around. Most recently I was on the trainer in time, and could see that I was RSVP’d on the pre-game screen, but I was never taken into the starting area and just found myself riding around Watopia.

It seems like there’s some inconsistent behavior on Apple TVs - though I guess possible I’m doing it wrong I see no ways in the UI to ‘force’ me into the event I’ve signed up for.

Try unplugging your apple tv box and replugging in. I have been riding solo until I did this

I did something similar to what Dennis suggests but you can actually stop the Zwift program from running by being on the apple menu and double clicking the screen icon. That will put you in a mode where you can swipe up to actually close the Zwift app. I have had your problem and the one Dennis describes but this procedure fixed both issues.

My other thought is that I usually sign up for the event on the Zwift mobile app before starting the session on the Apple TV. I can then see that it is going to work when I login because the event shows up in the bottom left hand side as expected and will also auto join. If its not in the bottom left hand side on login then it won’t auto join.

Thanks Dennis and Mitch - I similarly discovered that restarting the Apple TV from the System menu fixed the bug.

I didn’t know about the double-press of the screen icon (do you mean the button on the remote, or an icon on the screen?). It does seem more efficient than restarting the whole unit.

Good to know about the event showing on the bottom left of the screen - I’ve never seen that, so will look out for it tonight!

Hey John,

Tried today and every time I turn the apple tv on I have to unplug it to reset or I am cycling alone. I wonder if others are having this problem . I wonder if its the apple tv problem or Zwift’s and if there is anything that can be done to correct it . I have a friend with the same issues .

Last night I tried Mitch’s “swipe up” method and found it worked.

I suspect what’s happening is this:

  • Apple TV is “always on”: unlike most regular computers it doesn’t shut down
  • Unless you do Mitch’s trick or a full restart, the Zwift app will keep running after you’ve finished
  • Over time Zwift gets into a bad state - maybe due to world changes (London -> Watopia etc), your trainer going to sleep and disconnecting, an accumulation of data anomalies, or changes to the server end
  • So when you next go to ride, Zwift is not feeling great and is essentially running locally, which means you don’t drop into the world with all the other players and live events

A restart of the app or the Apple TV flushes all this out and Zwift runs clean.

Are you double clicking the Zwift app icon ?

No. Assuming you’re on the latest gen model (remote with the touch-pad at top and  a Menu & TV button like this)

  • Exit Zwift the regular way with the remote’s Menu button until you’re on the main Apple TV menu
  • Double-click the remote button with the TV icon
  • You’ll see 2 or more windows, with Zwift behind the TV menu
  • Swipe right on the remote to move the TV menu out of the way, and Zwift comes into focue
  • Swipe up on the remote and Zwift will disappear. This stops the app.

Now hit TV again to get back to regular view, and re-launch Zwift like normal. It should work.

Thanks guys. Had the same problem tonight, and now know the solution.

have the same issue, will try the fix tomorrow. Missed the start of the Cervelo Canada Cup tonight due to this.Thanks for the advice.