Trouble Joining Event - Apple TV 4k

I’m running Zwift on a 4k Apple TV with the latest updates. signed up for the Zwift Racing League which started today and was warming up in a regular ride but never received the JOIN EVENT prompt. I accepted the race pass earlier in the day on WTRL, and joined Zwift 25 min before the race but never got a prompt.

I unplugged and re-plugged in my Apple TV several times, logged back into Zwift and started a freeride but still got no prompt. There was no button to allow me to join race now on the home screen either.

After missing the start of the race I signed up for another race that started 15 minutes later, joined a free ride, and the prompt for the non Zwift Racing League showed up just fine.

Any ideas? It’s very disappointing to let me team down and miss my first racing league race.

As far as I know, this isn’t an AppleTV issue, it’s a transient event registration bug that happens regardless of platform.

If you’re in the game waiting for a “Join Event” prompt and it’s not forthcoming, find the event in your Companion App, UN-signup, RE-signup. That’s usually the kick in the rump Zwift needs to realize you’re waiting for an event and you’ll see the “Join Event” prompt immediately, without having to exit the ride.

Source: have AppleTV, iPad, PC, have had this happen a few times - above solutions works regardless of platform.

Agree, and also ZRL is incredibly busy and the sign-on to a race is more complicated (going through WTRL’s website).

One of my team mates in ZRL last night couldn’t join either. I told him to exit from Zwift and click on the race link again. Then he could join ok.