Apple TV 4K App - Can't Join or Auto-Start Event

I’m new to Zwift and searched the forums, etc and can’t find this issue. I have the app installed on a new Apple TV 4K running the most current OS. I installed the Zwift app and logged in. I’ve tried twice to join an event, where it says “Going” checked and the level selected. However, It won’t auto-join me or let me select the event to join. It just sits at the Dashboard and never connects to an Event. I can free ride and all that, but events are elusive. I connect via a KICKR and all the setup options for connectivity to sensors works fine. Anyone know the resolution for this? I’ve rebooted the Apple TV as well.

On the ATV, after you select an event that is less than 30 minutes from starting (and even if you selected the event from the Companion app), and you see the orange ‘Going’ notification next to the event, just proceed into Zwift as though you are going to do a free ride. (You don’t need to bother with world or course selection.). Once you are ‘in game’ you should see a ‘Join Event’ selection button in the lower left corner or the screen which you can select with the remote. Alternately, you should also receive a notification in the Companion app if you have it running. Once you select the ‘Join Event’ button you will be transported to the start line of your event. It is best to get this done at least 5 minutes before the start.

Thanks. This definitely makes it work. To me this is not intuitive to join and event and I’m pretty techie. I just kept going “WTF…How do I join the dang event?”


I would agree. It took me some trial and error to figure it out when I first started with Zwift.I had thought that I would join immediately when selecting from the list in the upper right. Instead I was just selecting and deselecting the event. I can’t remember how I finally figured it out, but it may well have been by asking the same question on this forum.

I am having the same issue. I can join the Zwift event from my phone but there is no selection on the Apple TV ( left corner to join the event) anyone can tell me how to splice this issue?

Same issue 2 years after original post. This has happened several times to me…

Why is it not SIMPLE to join an event I already signed up for on apple tv? You need an explicit “JOIN NOW” button that is always present. And always selectable.

If you accidentally select “no” to join now, it never asks you again. And because there is no EXPLICIT way for me to join, I’m hosed. And miss the workout. Just missed my academy workout because of this. Next one isn’t for 2 hours. grrrrr… This is LAME. Please fix it. how hard could this be to add a “join now” button???

Did you try to use the companion app instead of the remote to select join.

In my experience, once I have signed up for an event (using the Companion app, and BEFORE starting the actual Zwift app) the ‘Join Now’ button has always showed up starting at 30 minutes before the event. And the button doesn’t go away unless I select ‘Join Now’, go back to the Companion app and ‘withdraw’ from the event, or the event starts (and gets past any late join that might be allowed). Additionally, the Companion app asks me (far too) frequently if I want to ‘Join Now’, which I can snooze for a bit, if desired. I have never seen an option to say ‘no’ to the Join Now (in the app) and never had the option not re-appear after a few minutes in the Companion app. This leaves me wondering what might be different about how the app is working for you than for me.

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I’m having same issue on Apple TV. Can join the academy base Ride, hit the start button and nothing happens, no pop up directing me to the base Ride, nothing.
Works fine on my iPad though.

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Have you done other group rides before. Did you see the post Nigel made above?

Hi. Yes it works fine on my iPad with the same user name. I can see other Zwifters and I can enter the group rides.

Not quite sure what Nigel is referring to but for me.
If I go into the companion app select a ride I want to do, it then highlights to say that I’m going and, then I never touch the companion app again.

If I open Zwift in my iPad I can start riding in a normal group ride and then when the event is about to start a pop up window appears and asks me if I want to join. I enter the event and then transfer from my current Ride to the event taking place with other Zwifters. All normal right.

However on Apple TV none of that happens. In fact on Apple TV I’m always riding by myself, there’s no other Zwifters around, just the crowd (which makes me feel like I’m in an episode from The Walking Dead.)
On the start page I can go up to the top right corner of the screen and select rides i.e. Academy baseline ride, it highlights that I am going and countdown starts. I then go into the ride screen (riding by myself) but no pop-ups ever come up on the screen to transfer me to the Baseline Road

That’s a connectivity issue between your Apple TV and Zwift’s servers. Do you see the same on a free ride, i.e. just riding by yourself?

I can only select a ride from Waitopia etc, and I’m the only rider on the screen.