Can’t join group workout

Yet again I hit the join event button (a group workout) and was transferred to the start line with the group, but when it kicked off I was just free riding. The screen had the riders in the workout, their messages, but the stats/data matched a free ride. No option for erg mode and no countdown clock. The companion app was also in fee ride mode. Why does this happen? Please help. Cathy

Are your ATV on the latest version of the Zwift app. You can go to the app store and check that there’s not a update waiting.

I’ve had the same issue recently (since the last update).
I use Apple TV 4K.

I know that I’ve figured out a work-around, but I can’t remember how.
I think that I log-on, open the Companion App, then join the event from the app.
Either that or I join via the ZCA then log on.

When I’ve joined & not seen the workout on the left, I un-join via the app then sign up again.

There is a way around this problem, you just have to try a few things first.

Are you force closing zwift on the apple tv after every ride?

Yes, always.
This has only been a problem since the latest update.