Zwift Companion app on Android no longer gives reminders

I’ve noticed over the last few months that I am no longer reminded about events on the Zwift Companion app on Android. I still get notifications of friends riding, follow requests and Ride Ons, but not my 15 or 30 minutes event remember.
I’ve checked all notification settings in Android (but it’s not that as I get other notifications) and even uninstalled and reinstalled (the good old switch it off and on again trick) but to no avail. Does anyone else have the same issue? If it’s only me, I’ll raise a ticket. If not only me, can Zwift look into it please?

I’m running latest Android on Samsung S7 Edge.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the info. We looked into this and it appears to be a compatibility issue with the latest Android version (8.x). We will hopefully have this in the next release. 



Hi Lanzio

Sorry, I was wrong. I’m on Android 7.0.
However, last night I did receive the reminder. It is the first time in months and I haven’t changed anything. Hopefully it’s not a one off.


I read this earlier, and last night.  Same thing.  No reminder.  I am like, wow.  Never had that happen.  Why is this thing not reminding me about the event.  How am I going to get in.  So, I rechecked my phone.  I did not set the event up.  Lol.  Doh!

My bad.  :slight_smile: